Dr. Michael Moore

Professor of Biology

EducationDr. Michael Moore

  • B.S., Zoology (Natural History Emphasis), Humboldt State University
  • M.S., Zoology (Systematics), Museum of Natural Science, Louisiana State University
  • Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution, The University of Louisiana

Courses Taught

  • Piedmont Natural History (BIO 106)
  • Introduction to Biology I (BIO 211)
  • Introduction to Biology II (BIO 212)
  • Vertebrate Zoology (BIO 301)
  • Coral Reef Ecology (BIO 315)
  • Tropical Ecology of Trinidad (BIO/EES 315)
  • Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation (BIO/EES 315)
  • Current Issues Seminar in Biology (BIO 250)
  • Ecology (BIO/EES 370)
  • Evolution (BIO 375)
  • Biology Research (BIO 299, 499)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (EES 150)
  • Senior Seminar in Environmental Science (EES 495)

Research Interest

I am interested in working with students in the general research areas of biodiversity, ecology and evolution. Several current projects address the community ecology of animals in freshwater environments that are found in plants of the tropical forest canopy (i.e., in phytotelmata). In addition, we are interested in determining the population status of the rare Golden tree frog (Phyllodytes auratus), a Trinidad endemic species.

Contact Dr. Michael Moore

(478) 301-2708