Contest Information

Format and Participants

Each school is invited to bring up to two teams of four to eight participants. All students from each school will complete a 90-minute written examination beginning at 10 a.m. The four highest scores by participants from each team will constitute the team score on the written examination. Four members from each team will participate in ciphering matches during the afternoon to earn points to add to the team score. The students who cipher should be designated by the team sponsor during registration; they are not required to be the same four whose scores constitute the team’s written score.

Written Examination

The written examination will be a 45-question, multiple-choice examination. It will cover the areas of sets, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, probability and statistics with a small sampling of questions from the areas of logic, and calculus. Students may use calculators during this examination. Note: Permissible calculators include scientific calculators and graphing calculators such as the TI-83 or 84. Machines with a symbolic manipulation system such as the TI-89 will not be allowed. The TI-Inspire may be used if, and only if, a restricted face plate is on the calculator which eliminates the symbolic capabilities. If you have a question about a student’s calculator, ask.


The ciphering matches require participants to solve problems in a race against time. Calculators are not allowed during ciphering. Four members of each team will cipher, and there will be ten ciphering questions. Each participant who submits a correct answer to a question during the first minute will receive ten (10) points to be added to the team score, each participant who submits a correct answer to a question during the second minute will receive five (5) points to be added to the team score, and no answers will be accepted after two minutes. Thus a total of 400 possible ciphering points may be added to the team score after the scores on the written examination.


The final score for a team will consist of the sum of the four highest examination scores acquired by team members and the points acquired during the ciphering match. Trophies will be awarded to the teams with the three highest final scores. Awards will also be made to the individuals with the three highest scores on the written examination. In addition, the highest scoring individual on the ciphering contest will be acknowledged with an award of a book.