Outside the Classroom

Enhance your education

To strengthen your classroom learning, we invite you to participate in study abroad adventures. These trips will introduce you to the German language in its country of origin. You will speak with the native people, study at a German language institute, explore new cities, uncover historical secrets, and much more. These trips will strengthen your language skills, and you will return to the United States with a deeper, richer understanding of the German language.

Additionally, your motivation to learn German can be enhanced as you pursue departmental honors. To receive honors, you will research a topic that has direct correlation to Germany and write a substantial research paper. Your knowledge of the topic and accuracy of the language in written form will aid you in your quest to graduate with honors and uncover more of the German language.

Postgraduate opportunities

You will be among the most driven students at Mercer University as you pursue a major or minor in German. Most students double major, or major in a different subject while obtaining a minor in German, in order to graduate from Mercer as a highly sought-after professional. Your degree in German will show potential employers that you are a valuable asset to their team, as you are bilingual, cultured, and have real world experiences in the German culture. Many of our students are thriving in industries such as:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Human resources
  • International affairs
  • Music
  • Public sector
  • Travel and tourism

Learning German propels you toward the opportunity to seek higher-level education. Your professors will gladly discuss options and the best route to take to meet your educational goals.