Outside the Classroom

Practice what your professors preach

You will have a number of opportunities to strengthen your education experience when you take part in an internship or Mercer On Mission trip and dive into the Center for Collaborative Journalism. These opportunities will challenge you to put your newfound knowledge to the test and deliver effective journalism pieces.

A student in the GPB studio


You will have the opportunity to participate in local, national, or global internships, including study abroad and Mercer On Mission.

CCJ students work with ESPN3

Center for Collaborative Journalism

Students in the Center for Collaborative Journalism get real-world experiences with our media partners.

Journalism students and a professor in The Telegraph newsroom

Postgraduate Opportunities

Your Journalism professors are passionate about equipping you with the knowledge and experiences that will help you meet your career goals. Journalism students also often find success in graduate school thanks to the arsenal of skills they obtained while pursuing their degree.