Outside the Classroom

Expand your education

The education you’ll receive from your French professors will be second-to-none. Coupled with outside of the classroom opportunities, you will graduate Mercer University well-equipped to contribute to the world and thrive in a number of careers. We invite you to participate in opportunities such as study abroad trips, Mercer on Mission, the Phi Sigma Iota honor society and the French Club.

When you explore France via a study abroad trip, you will gain class credits, live with native host families, take courses during the day, and explore France by night. You will engage with locals and practice the knowledge you’ve attained thus far. This incredible opportunity will be a turning point in your educational career and your personal development. Additionally, participating in a Mercer on Mission trip allows you to put your French skills to work. You will have opportunities to tutor, build wells, work in orphanages, translate, and more.

While at Mercer University, you can strengthen your educational experience by seeking departmental honors or joining the Phi Sigma Iota honor society. This will challenge you to put your newfound knowledge to the test and graduate with a prestigious distinction.

Join the club

Le Cercle Français is the official French club of Mercer University. Devoted to the interests and ideals of French language and culture, the club seeks a more active student participation in all things Français.

Events are held monthly, featuring Mardi Gras and National French Week celebrations.

Postgraduate opportunities

The French major is purposefully designed to complement another major of a student’s choosing. We encourage you to double major, as French will be a great asset to your additional field. Upon graduating with a French degree, you will be well-equipped to pursue any career of your choosing. Many of our students have pursued jobs in fields such as:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Science

If you seek higher-level education, our passionate professors will guide you on your journey. We believe whole-heartedly that understanding the French language is the cornerstone to a fulfilling educational and personal experience.