Outside the Classroom

Grow personally and professionally

The Mercer University Mathematics program has incredible opportunities for you to strengthen your personal and professional life.

  • Teaching and tutoring — Our Mathematics majors often serve as preceptors, working closely with professors to teach freshmen in our calculus courses. In addition, our majors work as tutors in the Academic Resource Center and frequently tutor local high school students.
  • Research and inquiry — Mercer Mathematics majors have the opportunity to do one-on-one research with professors to explore new mathematical ideas. This work has led to publications and presentations at national and regional conferences.
  • Competitions — Our students participate annually in the Putnam Competition and the SCUDEM competition on mathematical modeling.
  • Service and internships — Mathematics majors and minors have participated in outreach programs where they tutor in local high schools. Our students have also completed internships at insurance companies, the National Security Agency, and software companies.
  • Study abroad – Our students are encouraged to consider study abroad opportunities through Mercer On Mission and through the Budapest Semester in Mathematics and the Budapest Semester in Mathematics Education.

Our professors have seen students transform into not only stronger mathematicians but stronger students and people overall. Taking part in opportunities outside of the classroom enables you to discover how mathematics and the world are intertwined. We firmly believe that your experience at Mercer will exceed your expectations when you allow yourself to learn outside the classroom walls.

Be recognized at Honors Day

We believe that hard work and dedication should be rewarded. That’s why we host an Honors Day each spring. Honors Day serves to honor our best students and encourage others to continue striving to do their best.

Student seated at 2019 commencement

Postgraduate Opportunities

Those with a Mathematics degree are highly-sought after and valued. Employers understand the need to have team members who excel in technical thinking such as Mathematics. There are a multitude of fields you can use your Mathematics degree.