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12 Promises

We are a community of educators. What will be our legacy in the role we play in this new, national effort to combat systemic racism? As a faculty, we will:

  1. Work together to move forward as a community that is invested in equity, human rights, and anti-racist practice
  2. Recognize that our institution and our institutional commitments must also change
  3. Work to embed diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racist teaching in our classrooms
  4. Ally with our students committed to and fighting for racial justice and against injustice in all forms
  5. Learn about and enact anti-racism in our daily lives
  6. Commit ourselves to transforming our institution and learning together how to oppose mendacity and disinformation in any guise and to rectify the ways that racism exists in our community
  7. Recognize that the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is composed of a largely white faculty and that white faculty members have an unmitigated responsibility in these endeavors
  8. Commit to being in conversation with each other and our students about white privilege, microaggressions on campus, and racism, and to acknowledging and learning from the errors we have made and will undoubtedly make
  9. Commit ourselves to self-examination
  10. Commit ourselves to reexamining our syllabi, our pedagogies, and our practices on campus and in the community so that we can be in the service of this change
  11. Open our ears wide and hear grievances undergirded by systemic racism
  12. Recognize our crucial role as educators to affirm and discuss with each other and our students these truths, and to envision and enact solutions

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Statement on Anti-Racism

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