About the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Mandate for Committee

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences dean and executive committee call on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, during the 2020-21 academic year, to explore for one year best practices, programs, and structures for assuring the value of demographic, ideological, and intellectual diversity in persons and perspectives. The committee should make a recommendation to the dean about the following issues:

  • Formulating and recommending to the faculty policies and strategies for promoting a diverse and equitable campus environment for all students and faculty. ​
  • Assisting in the implementation of such policies and strategies and the assessment of their impact.​
  • Publicizing information about diversity-related events within the college and throughout the campus.​
  • Advocating for issues of diversity for faculty, staff, and students. ​
  • Advising the Dean’s Office on issues of diversity and equity, particularly the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and student body.​
  • Consulting with the Title IX officer on the college’s compliance with Title IX. ​
  • Recognizing faculty and staff that have demonstrated a commitment to diversity.​

The committee shall be comprised of at least five full-time faculty members appointed by the dean upon the recommendation of the executive committee, the director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, ex officio, and at least one student appointed by the leadership of the Student Government Association.​

venn diagram of committee