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Discover a new world

Step into a world where you’re surrounded by students who have the same passions as you do — reading, writing, analyzing, conversing, and more. Our English major introduces you to new genres of literature, challenges you to understand and re-think concepts, and helps you grow in your professional and personal life. Through student opportunities, your head knowledge will be applied to everyday life. Upon completion of this degree, you will be prepared to:

  • Apply what you read to daily life
  • Discuss new concepts from the readings
  • Evaluate communication issues
  • Search for patterns and analyze them

Designed for motivated students

The English major will unapologetically challenge you to read further, analyze deeper, and communicate stronger. We believe that you will benefit from student opportunities that are designed to strengthen your educational, personal, and professional life. Because our professors invest their time and resources into each student, you can be confident that you will be well-equipped to pursue your career dreams.

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Meet Our Professors

Our rigorous curriculum is taught by supportive professors who will challenge you to stretch your mind.

English has to be the most versatile degree you can get. No matter what field you go into, never underestimate the power of a persuasive, well-written sentence. The skills I gained studying English — from writing, to critical thinking, and even to copy editing — provided a strong foundation to jumpstart my career in marketing and sales.

Amanda Rountree, English, '13

Amanda Rountree

Working with Mercer’s English faculty allowed me to cultivate my skills as a critical thinker and writer and helped me transform into a shaper of word and thought. Studying at Mercer led me to a career as an educator committed to service and to using language to change society into an ever more loving and equitable place.

Josh Coleman, English, '12

Josh Coleman

The professors in the English Department truly expanded my career options. My experience at Mercer prepared me to tour the nation as a performance poet, launch a career as a poetry editor/publisher, and organize poetry events in Philadelphia.

Christopher K. P. Brown, English, '07

Christopher K.P. Brown