Program Requirements

About the major

English majors must complete a minimum of 30-33 semester credit hours. Courses will introduce you to literary study and explore authors, genres, history, culture, and language in literature. The program also requires experiential study, which could include an internship, independent study, research, service-learning, or other options.

About the minor

A minor in English requires at least 15 semester credit hours.

Departmental honors

Majors in English may attain Departmental Honors by:

  • Successfully completing the major requirements
  • Successfully completing ENG 329 (Twentieth-Century Literary Theory and Criticism) or its equivalent and ENG 488 (Independent Study for Honors in English) under the direction of an Honors Committee composed of the chair and two members of the English Department selected by the student. Students should register for ENG 488 in the spring semester of their junior year and complete the Honors paper by March 15 of the senior year.
  • Achieving a 3.50 GPA in upper-division English classes.

Secondary Teacher Certification

Teacher certification in English (grades 6-12) is available. Students planning to teach English in secondary school should notify their advisor and contact the chair of teacher education at the Tift College of Education.