Outside the Classroom

Intern for local companies

We want you to use the knowledge you gained in the classroom to grow deeper as a student and learn more about the world around you. That’s why we strongly suggest that you apply for an internship. If you have any questions, our faculty will guide you toward the internship that will benefit you most. Many students intern with local non-profits, public relations firms, Mercer University Press, and other incredible companies and organizations. By applying what you know in real-world situations, you are obtaining an education that cannot be compared.

Study in new lands

It’s true that by opening a book, you can be transported to a new place filled with intriguing people. Stories spark imagination and creativity in people in ways that other types of media cannot. But we encourage you to take your desire to travel one step further. Take part in our study abroad program. When you forego your comfort zone for the unknown and mix that with your education, you will grow and develop as a student and person.

Student Organizations

Get involved

Sigma Tau Delta

Join our chapter of the international English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. Our Tau Upsilon chapter seeks to support, stimulate, strengthen, and nationally recognize English majors.

Mercer Shakespeare Society

Gather with fellow fans of the Bard who truly appreciate his works as much as you do.

Graduates sit at 2019 Macon commencement.

Postgraduate Opportunities

After graduating Mercer University with an English degree, you will have skills such as reading and understanding complex works, looking for and analyzing patterns, persuasively arguing your point, and more. These skills are highly-sought after in every industry.