Dr. Jonathan Glance

Griffith Professor of English

Chair of English Department

Jonathan GlanceDr. Jonathan C. Glance earned an A.B. in English at Davidson College (1983) and an M.A. (1986) and Ph.D. (2001) in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He came to Mercer in 1992. Glance was trained as a Victorianist and has pursued diverse interests while at Mercer. He regularly teaches INT 101, English 264, English 237, and 347 (Romantic Poetry and Prose) and 349 (the English Novel) in alternating years. He has offered English Special Topic courses on Web Design for Humanities Majors, the Gothic in Fiction and Film, Austen and Dickens in Fiction and Film, and Dickens’s Works and World.

Dr. Glance’s scholarship work has included analysis of literary dreams in 19th-century British novels, as well as the supernatural on the 19th-century stage. His recent work in the field of adaptation studies examines the screenplay’s importance in the process of adapting a source text into a film, analyzing John Huston’s “The Man Who Would Be King.” Glance formerly served as director of the First Year Seminar program and as the first writing director of the College of Liberal Arts. He and his wife, Cindy, have two children, Carlyle and Ellyson.

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