Computer Science

Cultivate your technological creativity

Step into a world of endless technological possibilities that is filled with diverse students and expert professionals who are eager to teach you invaluable knowledge. The Computer Science program is among the top majors in the country with a high demand for graduates. In Mercer’s program, you will learn programming languages, algorithms and data structures, software methodology and tools, computer hardware, and more. Within the program, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze a problem and identify the solution
  • Apply foundations, principles, and theories in the technological world
  • Communicate thoroughly with a wide range of audiences
  • Design and evaluate a computer-based system
  • Function effectively on teams

Designed for motivated students

If you are a student who thrives when a challenge is placed before them, the Computer Science major is right for you. Your curiosity, focus, and drive will enable you to solve problems and fix important issues in the technological world. You will be surrounded by students with diverse skills and backgrounds who will partner and support your personal life and academic career.

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I feel like Mercer was a great place to come for someone who had no idea what they wanted to do. The freedom to take different classes my freshman year is what allowed me to find my passion. ... I feel super prepared for whatever it is that comes my way.

Will Darragh, Computer Science, ‘20

Will Darragh