Become a protector of digital assets

As more of our world moves online, there is a growing need for cybersecurity professionals to protect computer networks and systems against digital attacks. Mercer’s Cybersecurity program — with foundations rooted in computer science, computer engineering, information science and technology, mathematics, management, and other disciplines — will prepare you to join this fast-growing field. In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Analyze a complex cybersecurity problem and identify solutions
  • Design, implement, and evaluate a cybersecurity solution
  • Communicate effectively
  • Make informed judgements based on legal and ethical principles
  • Function as a team member or leader
  • Maintain operations in the presence of risks and threats

Designed for motivated students

Our Cybersecurity program challenges students to solve complex problems that have a real world impact. If you enjoy coming up with innovative, technological solutions to a variety of problems, this program is for you. As a student in the Cybersecurity program, you will be surrounded by motivated and driven students and supportive professors who will guide you through your academic journey.

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