Computational Science

Expand your horizon

The Computational Science field is relatively new but is exploding rapidly with career possibilities and advancements. This major focuses on a multitude of scientific disciplines, the use of computational techniques, how to apply principles in our everyday life, and more. Students who choose the Computational Science major will draw from other majors within the College of Liberal Arts such as Mathematics and Computer Science. This provides you with a robust education that is second-to-none. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to:

  • Analyze technical issues
  • Solve complex problems
  • Produce innovative solutions

Designed for motivated students

Computational Science major students are highly-motivated, hard-working, and dedicated to their education and outside of the classroom experiences. If you love to solve big problems using computers or overcome challenges in the technical world, majoring in Computational Science is right for you. You will be surrounded by some of the top students and professors at Mercer as you delve deep into the Computational Science major.

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