Program Requirements

About the major

Students who pursue a major in Cybersecurity will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. B.S. majors may choose to specialize in Secure Software Development or Cybersecurity Operations.

Cybersecurity is an academic discipline with theoretical foundations rooted in computer science, computer engineering, information science and technology, mathematics, management, and other disciplines. The program provides students with theoretical and conceptual knowledge essential to understanding the various aspects of cybersecurity as well as opportunities to develop the practical skills that support the application of that knowledge.

About the minor

The Cybersecurity minor is appropriate for students who have an interest in cybersecurity but prefer to major in another field. A minimum of 18 semester credit hours are required to minor in Cybersecurity.

Departmental honors

Departmental honors in Cybersecurity may be earned by students who:

  • Achieve a 3.50 GPA in Cybersecurity and Information Science and Technology courses that apply to the major
  • Prepare a proposal for work on a research project that goes beyond normal coursework two semesters prior to graduation and have it approved by two members of the department
  • Complete the research project under the direction of these two faculty members while enrolled in three semester hours of CYS 499 (Research in Cybersecurity)
  • Prepare a written report of publishable quality and present the results of the project to faculty and students
  • Receive final approval of the work by the departmental faculty