Outside the Classroom

Research for the real world

To get the most out of your Computer Science major, you will take part in research opportunities related to your field. Everything that encompasses a research project — the process, findings, collaboration, equipment, and more — contributes to your overall learning experience. What you learn in the classroom will be amplified and strengthened through your research. We set you up for success by teaming you with an expert professor and top-notch equipment that will enable you to delve deep into your Computer Science research topic.

Your research experiences will allow you to thrive in your future career. With a Computer Science degree, it’s common for students to continue using their research skills and knowledge to find new solutions to complex problems. This is an important stepping stone for you to take with you into your future career. You will make a difference through your research that will likely have a ripple effect for generations to come.

Intern for local companies

The Computer Science program offers a wide variety of internships for our students. We believe that the knowledge you learn in the classroom is strengthened through internships in your chosen field. And, if you need help determining which internship is best for you, a dedicated professor will answer all your questions and guide you toward the best choice. While you intern, you will be among the brightest minds in Georgia, get a taste of what it’s like to work with your passion, and see first-hand how Computer Science applies to everyday life.

Ultimately, your internship allows you to stand out among your competition in the job market. Employers understand that an internship in this field gives you hands-on experience and opportunities that are second-to-none. Through your internship, you are taking your education one step further and contributing to your future career.

Members of the Binary Bears pose for a photo


Join the award-winning Binary Bears

As a Computer Science major, you will have the opportunity to join the Binary Bears computer programming team. The team captured two of the top three spots in a 2019 regional competition.

Graduate's mortar board with words

Postgraduate Opportunities

Graduates of our Computer Science program make excellent job candidates — no matter the industry. And if you want to pursue graduate or professional school, we will guide you along the way.