Religion and Public Diplomacy

Promote world peace through religion

Mercer University’s Religion and Public Diplomacy minor examines the influence of religion on international relations and how religion can be used as a constructive instrument for peace. The program focuses on inter-religious dialogue and is based on the idea that learning about others’ beliefs, practices, and values promotes understanding and tolerance. As a student in the program, you will take courses in global studies, religion, political science, and women’s and gender studies. You will use your knowledge to inspire men and women to becoming actively involved in peace-building and interfaith dialogue. The minor was designed with International Affairs and Religion students in mind but is an excellent addition to any major as it teaches you how to build trust and cooperation among people.

A minor in Religion and Diplomacy consists of 18 semester credit hours. See all program requirements and course descriptions in the Mercer University catalog. View the Religion and Public Diplomacy check sheet.

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Dr. Eimad C. Houry

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Dr. Bryan Whitfield

Co-Director of Religion and Public Diplomacy, Professor of Religion, and Chair of Religion Department