Dive into Religion

The Religion program at Mercer University invites you on a journey of exploration to discover insights to the most essential aspects of life. You will investigate who you are, your place in this world, and what you have in common with others. You will discover how religion intertwines itself with every discipline, action, thought process, and subject in this world.

The Religion major at Mercer University will unapologetically challenge you to look beyond the text, communicate objectively with classmates with differing opinions, apply your knowledge to improve the local community, and analyze your own beliefs. Whether you choose to major or minor in our program, you will gain invaluable skills such as:

  • Analyze a text
  • Apply your knowledge to daily tasks
  • Converse objectively with others
  • Think and write critically

Designed for motivated students

The students in our program are motivated and curious, fueled by the desire to know more. Our students share similar attributes — an openness to differing opinions and ideas, overall drive to better the world, and the desire for knowledge. If you are ready to challenge yourself daily to understand how religion is intertwined with our world, we want you to be part of the Religion program at Mercer.

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