Expand your horizon

For thousands of years, philosophy has been intertwined with virtually every aspect of life. Intellectual, political, and social movements are closely linked to philosophical principles. When you join the Philosophy program at Mercer University, your studies will lead you to explore the ways in which traditional philosophical inquiries into ethics, logic, and human knowledge intersect with investigations of the arts, religion, politics, law, science, gender, race, and more. Upon completion of this degree, you will be able to:

  • Find and evaluate information from a variety of sources
  • Read closely and analytically
  • Think critically
  • Recognize and analyze patterns
  • Listen open-mindedly to others’ ideas
  • Formulate innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Orally communicate your ideas effectively
  • Write clearly and persuasively

Designed for motivated students

To excel in the Philosophy program at Mercer, you must be intelligent, curious, broadminded, and committed to intellectual rigor. Our curriculum will challenge you to re-think what you believe to be true, to express your thoughts effectively both orally and in writing, and to discover ways in which philosophical reflection can influence every aspect of life.

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