Department of Philosophy

Learn new perspectives

Our Philosophy Department at Mercer University houses majors that are designed for serious, curious, and motivated students. We challenge you understand new perspectives of ethics, knowledge, and logic. Our courses in each major teach you to articulate your beliefs in discussions and writings, preparing you for a number of career opportunities. Since our programs are discussion-oriented, we keep our class sizes small, allowing you to form strong relationships with your classmates and faculty. Typically, our upper-level course class sizes average less than 15 students.

Majors and minors

  • Philosophy (major and minor) — Our Philosophy program covers a wide range of subjects as they intertwine with philosophy, such as ethics, logic, religion, art, film, and medicine. You will also discover the history of philosophy and the impact of philosophical tradition on today’s world.
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics (major) — This interdisciplinary major is taught in multiple departments and allows you to explore the intersection of each of these three fields. Our courses allow you to discover the philosophical roots of our society’s economic and political systems.
  • Ethics, Leadership and Service (minor) — Our Ethics, Leadership and Service minor investigates ethical theories and how they relate to social problems. Our interdisciplinary courses include philosophy, politics, religion, communication and sociology. You will use the knowledge gained in this minor to positively affect the world.


  • Leadership and Ethics — Our Certificate in Leadership and Ethics adds credibility to your resume as employers seek team members who have actively pursued training to reinforce their leadership skills.