Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Apply philosophy to economic and political theory

As a Philosophy, Politics and Economics major, you will explore the intersection of these three fields and draw connections to deepen your understanding of each subject. The program is an interdisciplinary major, meaning the curriculum is designed by multiple departments. Students who choose to pursue a Philosophy, Politics and Economics major are bright, ambitious, and curious about the deeper questions and beliefs that ground modern politics and economics.

When you graduate from our program, you will boast the ability to think independently, ask tough questions, and constantly research with intellectual humility. These skills are crucial to success in a wide variety of career paths.

Connect with our faculty

Our courses in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics major are discussion-oriented and designed to engage your communication and critical thinking skills. Our class sizes are small, averaging less than 15 students in a typical upper-level course. This gives you the opportunity to engage with our faculty one-on-one and experience meaningful academic growth.

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