Program Requirements

About the major

The Philosophy, Politics and Economics major offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of topics, texts, and concerns that exist at the intersection of these three fields. That includes theories of justice, rights, freedom, individual liberty, and property, among others. The program creates an intentional constellation of courses in these three disciplines that is designed to enrich the students’ experience of each discipline and offer a breadth of study not available in any one disciplinary major. A Philosophy, Politics and Economics major requires 43-45 semester credit hours, including a senior essay.

Besides providing a framework within which students interested in these three disciplines can develop a sense of their interrelations, the program facilitates the development of a better perspective of the boundaries and scope of these disciplinary approaches. For example, in economics coursework a student will learn the principles of markets and how they display the effects of various incentive structures. The same student, in her political science coursework, will begin to understand the political context in which such markets operate. And, from philosophy, the Philosophy, Politics and Economics student will learn some of the long, rich tradition of theories that ground both political and economic approaches to understanding the human condition, as well as explore the ethical implications of political and economic action.

Successful completion of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Departmental honors

Majors may attain Departmental Honors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics by meeting the following requirements:

  • Maintaining an overall 3.50 GPA in courses in the major
  • Earning a B or higher in PHI 314, ECN 450, and one course from POL 373, 377, 378, or 379
  • Having the senior essay evaluated as “excellent” by all members of the thesis committee