Outside the Classroom

Investigate the world around you

Unapologetically, the Philosophy program will introduce you to a rigorous curriculum that will stretch your mind, challenge your beliefs, and demand you to think objectively. But even more so, we want you to take your newfound knowledge and apply it to the world around you. Once you study philosophy and all associated disciplines, you will see how philosophy is linked to everything in this world.

Outreach and engaged learning

During most summers, the Philosophy program leads a study abroad trip to beautiful and historic areas in Europe. You will learn philosophy relevant to each location you visit and have opportunities to link philosophical study to the art, architecture, and culture of the region. Past study abroad locations have included Athens, Paris, and Florence.

Undergraduate research opportunities

As you advance through our program, you can participate in an intensive study of a significant topic in philosophy, not otherwise covered in the course offerings, as well as a senior seminar in philosophical skill development, and an independent study — all which contain significant opportunities for research and presentation.

Postgraduate opportunities

Upon graduation, you will have the necessary skill set and knowledge to excel in your future career. Employers understand the depth of intelligence and skills philosophy students obtain during their pursuit of a degree. You will stand out among the competition because of your ability to solve complex issues, your knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, the student opportunities you completed during your time at Mercer, and more. Many of our philosophy graduates now hold titles such as:

  • Attorney
  • Editor
  • Local government officer
  • Manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Marketing specialist
  • Newspaper journalist
  • Paralegal
  • Psychotherapist
  • Publishing industry executive
  • Real-estate broker
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Stockbroker
  • Teacher
  • Venture capitalist

If you choose to pursue higher-level education, one of our Philosophy professors will guide you in your decision-making process. Many of our students pursue graduate school, law school, medical school, and a wide variety of masters and Ph.D. programs.