Discover the past from a new perspective

History involves much more than acquiring knowledge about the past. Mercer University’s History program challenges students to examine historical records and craft their own compelling and relevant interpretations to share with their peers, scholars, and the public. Critical reading, active classroom discussions, and hands-on work with historical archives and collections help students to foster an understanding of the breadth of human experience and encourage use of that awareness to improve the lives of others in their communities. The program cultivates effective oral communication, close textual analysis, and the ability to synthesize disparate information and ideas into a meaningful message — all skills greatly desired by advanced or professional degree programs as well as employers.

Designed for curious students

Mercer’s History major curriculum allows you to study the past with enthusiasm, discussing a wide range of historical topics with your professors and classmates. This develops critical communication skills that you need in almost any career you choose to pursue. Some history graduates will work in related fields like historic preservation or museum work, but many of our graduates pursue careers in business, education, the law, and even medicine.

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Mercer has established and promotes the kind of environment that allows underclassmen leadership opportunities that are integral for résumés and, more importantly, for fostering the values necessary to succeed at the next level. Without the department’s emphasis on original research, I would have never received (the SHEAR/Mellon Fellowship).

Kimberly Campbell, History, '12