Dr. Robert Good

Associate Professor of History

Robert GoodDr. Robert Good joined the History Department in 1993. In addition to the introductory Western Histories course, he teaches four courses on Europe’s history since 1500 and Sub-Saharan Africa to Independence. As an avid student of Western culture, Dr. Good has also enjoyed teaching in the Great Books program.


  • Ph.D., History, McGill University
  • M.A., History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.A., History, University of Virginia


Modern France and intellectual history

Professional Interests

Dr. Good studies French thinkers from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s, and especially the bridge-builders who hoped to transcend France’s polarizing history of guillotines, barricades, and Catholic traditionalism. He researches the philosopher Alfred Fouillée (1838-1912), his textbook-writing companion Augustine Guyau (1833-1923), and their quest for social solidarity in a diverse and quickening France.

Other Interests

Dr. Good enjoys Mercer University’s musical abundance and WMUB’s France 24 broadcasts. He never tires of good reading and good films.

Recent Publications

  • Alfred Fouillée entry in the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers (2020)
  • “Vers la Petite Alsace: Algeria in Les Enfants de Marcel,” presented at the Society for French Colonial History (2019)
  • “Idealisms Entwined: The Fouillée-Guyau Household, 1865-1912,” presented at the Society for French Historical Studies (2016)

Contact Dr. Robert Good

(478) 301-5605
Office: Langdale Hall 308