Make connections through French

Mercer University’s French program invites you to make connections between French language study and your personal and professional goals. By studying French language, culture, society, and literature in our inherently interdisciplinary program, you will graduate from Mercer with highly sought-after skills such as critical thinking, textual analysis, and cultural competence — not to mention reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a language spoken by 300 million people worldwide.

French will prepare you for:

  • Careers in health care, business, diplomacy, education, translation, and more
  • Peace Corps
  • Travel to over 30 countries in Europe and Africa
  • Navigating francophone cultures

Designed for motivated students

Pursuing a second language requires hard work, curiosity, and a passion for new cultures. From our introductory courses to our advanced studies, you will be among the most driven students at Mercer University, where you will take courses like:

  • French conversation and composition
  • History of French cinema
  • French for the professions
  • Translation
  • Nazi-occupied France
  • French civilization
  • Literature in French by immigrants to France and Quebec
  • Autobiographical writing in French
  • French and medicine: Literature and practice

If you have a longing to stretch your knowledge, discover different cultures, and learn a new language, we invite you into the French-speaking family at Mercer University.

Learn more about our French major

After graduating from Mercer, I received multiple opportunities that all directly correlated with my French degree. As a result of my French studies at Mercer, I have traveled to about 30 countries, exceeded the foreign language requirement of my master’s degree in International Relations, and have been better positioned to learn additional languages — such as Arabic and Tachelhit. Studying French equipped me with a set of skills that have helped me to successfully navigate challenges I have faced in other domains.

Anna Cizek, French, International Affairs, Global Health '17, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at EY

anna cizek headshot

Studying French at Mercer helped me learn about the language, culture, and history of francophone countries. I found so many amazing opportunities to continue learning French and teaching others outside of Mercer through internships at Théâtre du Rêve and the Alliance Française d'Atlanta. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Angers, France, which was the best month of my life.

Brenna McNulty, French and Theater, ‘19

Brenna McNulty

French allowed me to travel to Guinea and truly engage with the community around me in N'Zérékoré. While we were there as teachers, we were able to go to many of our students' activities to support them, including multiple region-wide debates and a Women's Day celebration talent show. Speaking French allowed us to interact with students, understand what they were doing, and have more meaningful relationships.

Sarah Harris, French and International Affairs, ‘20

a woman gets a ribbon wrapped around her head

Taking French classes at Mercer was one of my best decisions. I got to know people outside of my biology major, and I got to explore a part of the world not many people get to see. My time abroad let me see a new culture and life while also allowing me to improve my French. Going to Guinea with Mercer On Mission helped me realize I want to do travel medicine in the future. ... Taking French at Mercer showed me there are always ways to combine totally different things you love to do.

Kayla Rowland, French and Biology, '20

kayla rowland wears a mercer shirt in a market in guinea

Mercer has given me a curriculum that has been both challenging but also very fun, and so I’ve been pushed to kind of explore things about myself and how I am as a student.

Hannah Keller, French and History, '19

Hannah Keller