Explore Spanish cultures

Mercer University’s Spanish program invites you to explore Spanish cultures and how the diversity impacts our world. You’ll be challenged to think differently as you adapt to new situations. You will have the opportunity to step into new cultures as you participate in study abroad trips and service-learning projects. Your education and experiences while obtaining a Spanish degree will transform your personal and professional life, enriching your world and developing yourself into a more cultured citizen of the world.

Our small professor-to-student ratio allows you to receive personal attention that will help you thrive in our program. With no more than 30 students in each Spanish class, you will get to know your peers and professors as you embark on your foreign language journey. Beyond learning how to think, write, read, and speak in another language, you will learn critical skills such as:

  • Adapting to and thriving in new cultures
  • Communicating with people of different cultures in high-stress situations
  • Creating content pieces to effectively show the life within a culture
  • How to implement change in a foreign culture

Designed for motivated students

You will be among the boldest students at Mercer, as it takes courage to learn and implement a new language. Your professors will encourage you and create opportunities for you to get to know the culture and people in the countries you visit. You will dig deep and trust the knowledge you’ve learned while translating and speaking with people in new countries. If you are dedicated, determined, and appreciative of other cultures, we want to invite you to join the foreign language family

Learn more about our Spanish major

I decided to do an internship abroad because it aligned with my future career goals of working in a Spanish-speaking country after graduation. This internship abroad also helped me receive credit towards my Spanish major.

Kimberly Lopez, Spanish and Engineering, '23

A woman looks out from under her hand blocking the sun from her eyes.

My Spanish major gave me so much more than communication skills. I uncovered a level of culture, history, and passion of Latin American people I did not know existed. I now have an enriching perspective of the world around us.

Sebastian Tomala, Spanish, '21

Sebastian Tomala

Knowing another language is such a door opener to a totally different culture and a totally different mindset.

Mason Thornton, Spanish, '20

Mason Thornton

Not only did the professors in Mercer's Spanish program provide me with a superb, personally tailored language education, they also showed me by example how valuable a high-quality language instructor is, so much so that I aspired to become one.

Mallory Moran, Spanish, '19

Mallory Moran