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Mercer University’s Latin program invites you to explore ancient civilizations by uncovering the Latin language. When you dive into Latin texts, you will discover how many aspects of Roman culture — government, architecture, history, and more — are reflected in our present-day society. By the rich complexities of Latin, you will discover more about yourself, the English language, and our modern-day world. From class discussions to exploring different countries, the Latin program invites you to let your curiosity take hold of you, resulting in personal growth and professional development. Upon graduating with a Latin degree, you will boast invaluable skills such as the ability to:

  • Understand the intricacies of Latin grammar and vocabulary
  • Interpret and translate ancient texts
  • Understand new cultures
  • Think critically, assess situations, and respond appropriately

Designed for motivated students

We know the Latin language is a challenge to learn. It’s a course of study that requires hard-working, driven students. You will be surrounded with Mercer’s brightest students as you explore the Latin language and learn how to read and understand this foreign language. If you’re curious about different cultures, passionate about new languages, and ready to conquer a language that is woven into English as we know it, we invite you to accept the challenge of learning Latin.

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Dr. Kopp teaching abroad

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Our expert faculty and staff will challenge and encourage you in your study of Latin.

I initially took Latin in college because I needed foreign language credits. But I stayed in the program because I fell in love with the beauty, adventure, and complexities of the Roman people and their language. Not only was the subject material captivating, but so were the people I learned beside. I had not come to the Latin program looking for friendship, but that’s what I found with my classmates and Dr. Achim Kopp as we uncovered the mysteries of Roman history and the Latin language together.

Randi Rea Garcia, Latin and Economics, '15

Randi Rea Garcia