Classical Studies

Explore ancient worlds

Explore ancient worlds by diving deep into classical studies. You’ll uncover Greco-Roman culture and discover how these societies are intertwined with our world today. Historic texts and worlds that are removed in space and time will come to life and demand your attention. Your engagement in the classics will enhance your personal development and help you reach your professional goals. By pursuing a Classical Studies major that’s paired with a Latin minor, you will have a breadth of knowledge that can be used in a variety of fields.

The Classical Studies major provides a perfect opportunity to double major with a foreign language of your choice — French, Latin, or Spanish. As you dive into ancient texts, you will uncover how the Greco-Roman culture played a pivotal role in the development of various modern languages. Our intimate student-to-professor ratio creates a welcoming environment that allows for personal attention and discussion-based classes. Upon graduation, you will have gained invaluable skillsets such as:

  • Appreciation of new cultures
  • Ability to read, write, understand, and speak Latin
  • Investigate different worlds and how they pertain to society today
  • Think critically and analyze texts

Designed for motivated students

The Classical Studies major challenges students to investigate and explore old worlds through classical literature. This requires a passion and appreciation for other cultures. If you are curious, passionate, and intrigued by different people-groups, viewpoints, and ideas, we invite you to study classical literature with other passionate students.

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I am grateful for my experience in the Classical Studies program, which immersed me in the same literature and language as the greatest innovators and thinkers. The program equipped me to think critically, argue (in the classical sense), and communicate comprehensively. The lessons I learned and the insights I gleaned have magnified my passion for lifelong learning and continue to benefit me in my professional career.

Raejan Noh, Classical Studies, English, Latin ’20, Content Marketer and Ghostwriter

headshot of raejan noh

Mercer’s rewarding and challenging Classical Studies program helped tune my eye for detail and created a foundation for a meticulous work ethic, which has been an invaluable quality in my professional career. Thought-provoking discussions and presentations introduced me to a wide range of ideas, which has helped me better understand my professional experiences and relate more effectively with my coworkers.

Austin Bass, '18, Classical Studies