Dr. Abigail Dowling

Assistant Professor of History

Abigail DowlingEducation

  • M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara 2009
  • Ph.D.,  University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014

Research interests

Dr. Abigail Dowling’s research interests are garden and landscape history, natural resource management, environmental history, gender, archaeology, Medieval Europe, Late Antiquity, digital history.

She studies the multifarious economic, environmental, cultural, military, and political uses of land and natural resources in the late Middle Ages. She has strong related interests in ancient and medieval archaeology, historical and political ecology, public health vis-à-vis the structure of space, and digital history (GIS).

Dr. Dowling’s current project pertains to the role of gender and landscape in political dissent within the late medieval “feudal” system in France. She is also revising her book-length study on natural resource management at the park at Hesdin under Countess Mahaut (1302-29) and in the early stages of researching a piece on integrating geospatial data into an analysis of resource exploitation and use in the county of Artois.

Contact Dr. Abigail Dowling

(478) 301-2872