Explore the science behind behavior

Discover the connection between biology and psychology with Mercer University’s Neuroscience major. This interdisciplinary major is offered through the Psychology and Biology departments and allows you to explore neuroscience from the cellular, system, and behavioral levels. As an interdisciplinary major in the College of Liberal Arts, you will complete courses intended to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge of the world around you, fostering skills such as critical thinking, writing, research, and oral communication.

Preparing you for the next step

Whether you are interested in enrolling in a graduate program, entering a health-related profession, or launching a career in science education, Mercer University’s Neuroscience major will prepare you for the challenges ahead. Our graduates are prepared to pursue a multitude of possibilities, as our coursework trains you with rigorous research, writing, and laboratory experiences.

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To really see the entire process of doing research and really play a very large part in every step along the way has been an incredible opportunity that I’m not sure I could have had at a different institution.

Zach Zeisler, Neuroscience and Latin, ‘19

Zach Zeisler