Study diverse topics in human behavior

Mercer University’s Psychology major is designed for motivated students interested in learning and researching the science that influences behavior. We offer a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree, and the curriculum provides you with a strong foundation in the empirical, theoretical, and philosophical aspects of psychology. As a Psychology major, you will explore issues such as:

  • The influence of brain processes on behavior
  • The role of biology and environment in development
  • The nature of thinking and learning
  • The processes of sense and perception
  • Social influence on thought and behavior

This rigorous coursework teaches you skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, research, and writing and prepares you for the challenges you will face later when enrolled in a graduate or professional program.

In-house research facilities

Our average Psychology class has less than 20 students, giving you the ability to work closely alongside our expert faculty and contribute to research projects. As an example, we have an in-house animal research facility, enabling us to offer laboratory courses in animal behavior and provide you with experiences critical to preparing you for your next step in graduate school.

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Mercer has prepared me in a variety of ways, whether it’s in the classroom, professors engaging me, asking me difficult questions, whether it’s opening my eyes to the actual problems happening in our culture, and also giving me opportunities to go out and tangibly put in solutions we talk about in the classroom.

Elliza Guta, Political Science and Psychology, '19

Elliza Guta