INT 301: Engaging the World

INT 301, ‘Engaging the World’ is the third course in the integrative course sequence.  Like the others, it involves discussion, in small groups and seminar style, of complex issues from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  It adds to the sequence 1) an explicit focus on how Mercer students can articulate solutions to pressing problems in the larger world, and 2) extensive practice in oral communication.  Offered to juniors and seniors, it pushes students to think about their place in the larger world into which they will soon be graduating, and helps them to develop skills—in writing, oral expression, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving—for engaging the world beyond the United States.

Each section of INT 301 centers around a particular focus or theme.  Some recent offerings include:

  • Representing Africa/African Representations
  • Understanding China in a global context
  • Futures 2.0: Globalization and Its Alternatives
  • Apocalyptic Movements in the Middle East

Hear what students say about the course:

  • This was an eye-opening class.
  •  I would definitely take this class all over again in a heart beat!
  •  I really enjoyed the discussions in this class and I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives on ideas from the books that we read.
  • I absolutely LOVED this course. I think that it should be offered every semester! There should be an INT course for every continent in order to develop appreciation for different cultures so that it’s not only learned in a history class.