Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Discover the connection between life’s building blocks

Mercer University’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major is offered collaboratively through the Biology and Chemistry Departments. You will discover the intersection of biological and chemical concepts while gaining the necessary academic tools to blaze the trail of scientific advancement.

As an interdisciplinary major, you will learn the connections between two major fields of science while solving real-world problems with laboratory experiments and research. Both biology and chemistry are the foundations for modern medicine, and this interdisciplinary program prepares you for careers in:

  • Health care
  • Medical technology
  • Medical research

Unique classroom experiences

Mercer offers small class sizes along with the latest equipment and research tools to empower you to succeed. Because of our intimate class sizes, our professors form strong relationships with you that extend outside the classroom, providing you with research opportunities to participate in cutting-edge studies as an undergraduate student.

Our liberal arts program develops your critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are crucial for your next steps, whether it be a career in the sciences or advancing your education through a graduate program.

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I couldn't have achieved this honor (being named an Amgen Scholar) without the foundation I've gained through my participation in undergraduate research at Mercer. ... Genetic research has personally impacted my life, and it is my belief that the next great breakthrough in medicine will be through the field of genetics and personalized medicine.

Jessica Resnick, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, '18