Engaged Learning

Apply Your Education to Change the World

Take your education to the next level by applying your understanding of scientific concepts to resolve practical problems facing our world. At Mercer University, we believe this starts with engaged learning in the classroom. Our courses are designed to create a collaborative environment between students and faculty, with the average laboratory class size being 24 students. These small class sizes encourage you to work closely with your peers to analyze and collect data, develop theories, and discover solutions to real-world problems.

Community Engagement

Our courses demonstrate classroom concepts in the field while giving you opportunities to serve the local community. Our biochemistry and molecular biology major offers numerous faculty-led field trips, allowing you to experience learning outside the classroom. Some previous faculty-led trips include:

  • Studying marine ecology at Skidaway Island
  • Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains
  • Interacting with manatees in Florida
  • Exploring the Okefenokee Swamp

During these experiences, you will learn the importance of environmental and ecological preservation, serving local communities through field experiments and studies.

Global Engagement

Biochemistry and molecular biology majors can impact global communities through Mercer’s international study opportunities and Mercer On Mission. Previous Mercer On Mission experiences have sent biochemistry and molecular miology students to countries such as:

  • Belize
  • Trinidad
  • Mozambique
  • Ecuador

During Mercer On Mission programs, you will apply your higher education to solve real-world problems. You will take the classroom into the field and study the impact humans have on the environment. Previously, students have researched ways to reduce pollution near gold mines in Central America and Africa, while also collecting data on environmental mercury contamination.