Earn Your Anthropology Degree at Mercer

What is anthropology? Anthropology is the holistic study of what makes us human. Mercer University’s anthropology degree provides solid grounding in methodological and theoretical approaches to understanding human cultural diversity. As an anthropology major, you will learn about different cultures, develop empathy for people who are different from you, and be exposed to a wide variety of approaches to understanding human diversity, including those rooted in four sub-disciplines: cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. At Mercer, our anthropology faculty specialize in cultural anthropology with an emphasis on applied and activist work. Electives are offered in the other three sub-disciplines. As an anthropology major, you will:

  • Holistically examine cultural practices to better understand similarities and differences between societies
  • Reflect critically on American culture and your place in the world
  • Learn productive ways to participate in local and global change
  • Conduct research on meaningful topics in the field
  • Learn in classes with a low faculty-to-student ratio
  • Apply your knowledge in real-world situations

Who Should Major in Anthropology?

Mercer’s anthropology degree is a lean, well-designed program of study that draws on applied and activist anthropology. As an anthropology major, you’ll be among some of the most inquisitive, driven, highly engaged, caring, and passionate students at Mercer. Students already pursuing majors in biology, French, global development studies, global health studies, international affairs or Spanish may find adding anthropology as a second major a natural choice. The anthropology major is also well-suited for students on a pre-health track who wish to take a more social scientific approach.

Learn More About Mercer’s Anthropology Major

Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. ... As a graduate of Mercer’s Department of International and Global Studies, I have been gifted with the tools and knowledge I will need to be a dedicated and productive volunteer.

Emma Peel, Global health studies and Spanish with a minor in anthropology, '17

Emma Peel