Uncover mysteries of the world

To understand why and how we function today, it’s vital to discover our past. As an Anthropology minor at Mercer University, you will investigate the evolution of humans, culture, societies, and more. You will uncover mysteries that are hidden deep in our world by dissecting the Anthropology curriculum and conducting your own research.

A minor in Anthropology consists of 15 semester credit hours, including two 300-level courses or above. See all program requirements and course descriptions in the Mercer University catalog. View the Anthropology check sheet.

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Dr. Amy Nichols-Belo

Associate Professor and Chair of Department of International and Global Studies

Serving as a Peace Corps volunteer has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. ... As a graduate of Mercer’s Department of International and Global Studies, I have been gifted with the tools and knowledge I will need to be a dedicated and productive volunteer.

Emma Peel, Global health studies and Spanish with a minor in anthropology, '17

Emma Peel