Department of International and Global Studies

Positively change the world

Mercer University’s International and Global Studies Department offers multiple majors and minors that will prepare you for a life-changing career. Through our enlightening curriculum, you will explore different world views, cultures, beliefs, politics, and more. Our outside of the classroom experiences — Mercer On Mission, internships, and study abroad opportunities — will allow you to see your education come to life. All of our degrees provide the necessary knowledge and skills you need to positively change the world.

Majors and minors

  • Global Development Studies (major and minor) — This major embodies a multi-disciplinary field of study that examines a wide range of issues. The foundation of Global Development Studies is based on improving the quality of life for our global neighbors.
  • Global Health Studies (major and minor) — This major is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to address the health of global populations and communities through instruction, service, and community-based projects.
  • International Affairs (major and minor) — This interdisciplinary major is taught in conjunction with other majors within the College of Liberal Arts. You will explore topics such as public health, arms control, cultural and global issues, diplomacy, politics, terrorism, and more.
  • Anthropology (minor) — In this minor, you will investigate the evolution of humans, culture, societies, and more.
  • Asian Studies (minor) — In this minor, you will explore the culture, history, politics, people, and beliefs of the Asian culture.
  • Religion and Public Diplomacy (minor) — Examine the influence of religion on international relations and how religion can be used as a constructive instrument for peace. This program focuses on inter-religious dialogue and the idea that learning about others’ beliefs, practices, promotes understanding and tolerance.


  • Faith-Based Diplomacy — In this program, you will explore how religion and public life intersect and learn how religion can be used to build trust and cooperation among people. This certificate has a significant service requirement in which you are encouraged to be an interfaith leader in the Mercer community.