Global Health Studies

Better the world’s health

Step into a world that is filled with people who are eager and willing to make true, positive change in communities. When you choose to be part of the Global Health Studies program, you are joining an elite group who are driven to better the health of global citizens.

Mercer’s Global Health Studies program explores public health administration, community practice, health policy, health communication, public health research, and more. Our immersive curriculum will open your eyes to world health issues and, most importantly, enable you to make a difference. Our low faculty to student ratio allows for meaningful and lifelong friendships to be built. The Global Health Studies professors are mentors who can help you thrive in your academic and professional career. In this program, you will learn invaluable skills that will give you the ability to:

  • Analyze the factors underlying domestic and international health challenges
  • Combine research and service experience with the ability to make difficult social choices
  • Devise solutions to individual and population-wide health problems
  • Implement disease-prevention strategies

Designed for motivated students

When you join the Global Health Studies program, you will be among some of the most inquisitive, driven, highly-engaged, caring, and passionate students at Mercer University. Your superior education, outside of the classroom experiences, and newfound skills will enable you to tackle health challenges in the world. Our program will challenge and stretch you, but if you’re ready to make the world a better place, we want you to be part of the Global Health Studies program.

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