Investigate your world

Mercer University’s Journalism major gives you the avenue to investigate our world and document your findings with the stroke of a pen, camera lens, voice recorder, and more. You will dive into the world of journalism and discover the importance of gathering, interpreting, and disseminating truth. You will bring truth to power, and by doing so, you will impact the community in which you live. Your passionate professors will teach you journalism ethics and skills that are needed to create a professional, respectable journalism portfolio. Your work, no matter the topic, helps keep America’s democratic system in place. Upon completion of the degree, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Think and write critically
  • Expose wrongs by creating truthful journalism pieces
  • Implement rigorous research practices while uncovering truth
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Seek a career in diverse fields

Designed for motivated students

The Journalism major unapologetically demands passion and relentless pursuit from its students. If you are curious, determined, and ready to shine a light on truth, we want you to be a part of the Journalism program. You will be among 100 of Mercer’s best and brightest students, as we only allow 100 students into the program at a time to ensure quality education. In addition to excellent curriculum and hands-on opportunities, you will form lifelong relationships with classmates and professors, participate in real-world experiences, and graduate with a sharpened skillset that will set you apart from your competition.

Learn more about our Journalism major

A student examines an audio recorder

Reg Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism

Work side-by-side with media professionals in our Reg Murphy Center for Collaborative Journalism, a unique community media collaborative combining Mercer’s liberal arts-based Journalism and Media Studies programs with the professional expertise of journalists from local media outlets.

I feel like the Murphy Center gave me a good basis for understanding audio production and sound design. … At Mercer I learned how to tell a story effectively, and I think that’s really key when you’re doing any sort of project, whether it’s audio or written.

Katie (Atkinson) Konans, Journalism, '19

Katie Atkinson