What Is INT? Magazine

What is INT? is a new annual magazine that reflects on the good things that have been happening recently in our INT program of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It includes contributions from faculty and students from this past year in all three integrative courses: INT 101, 201, and 301. It showcases what integration means at Mercer, as well as some of the tools we give students for learning in the 21st century world where information changes rapidly and they will need to work with others whose background and perspectives differ from their own.



woman's head fades to a globe with various technologies and artsVolume 1, Fall 2023

We are delighted that INT now has its annual magazine. This first issue includes creative works, essays, original activities, and community service photos. We aim to showcase our students’ talent and the dedicated work we all do for the program. As INT faculty, we have been contributing to the program from what nourishes and excites us; we want to share with our students our interests. During our meaningful conversations in the INT classroom, we ask each other whether our opinions are accurate. This type of inquiry is a fundamental part of a liberal arts learning experience. It links us to people past and present who have asked themselves questions about humanity, truth, beauty, good and bad change, and how to live with purpose and meaning. The cover’s design has that purpose: a beautiful collage where science, art, technology, literature, cinema, music, food, games, and more come together and enrich the world of our students. This magazine will be our meeting spot for inspiration and growth. And for those still wondering what INT is, they will find the answer in these pages.

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