Creative Writing

Pursue your passions

Our Creative Writing major challenges you to take your passion for writing to the next level. Our wide-ranging student opportunities, motivated classmates, and supportive professors will help you sharpen your skills and become a stronger writer. When you graduate, you can be confident that you will be prepared to:

  • Communicate new concepts and ideas
  • Create content for the workplace
  • Share information persuasively
  • Write your own work

Designed for motivated students

When you join the Creative Writing family at Mercer University, you are joining a team of students and professors who are committed, intelligent, curious, and community-minded. They will challenge you to hone in on your writing skills, formulate communities outside the classroom, and strengthen your peer-editing skills. You will leave Mercer with not only a top-notch education, but you will be transformed by the people you met and the knowledge you gained.

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I’m lucky to be part of an academic community that fosters and appreciates creativity and has taught me the discipline and determination that made (publishing my book) 'Outrun the Wind' possible.

Elizabeth Tammi, Creative Writing and Journalism, '20

Elizabeth Tammi