Outside the Classroom

Explore different cultures

Information from your textbook will come to life when you explore the very places that you’ve studied in the classroom. When you participate in study abroad opportunities and Mercer on Mission trips, you’ll stand where ancients stood and explore where early civilizations thrived.

These real-world experiences will catapult your educational experience and help you appreciate classical culture and foreign languages to their fullest. These opportunities will enhance your knowledge, introduce you to different cultures, and strengthen your personal and professional development. Upon graduation, you will leave Mercer University with an appreciation for the ancient world that is intrinsically woven into American society.

Postgraduate opportunities

Classical culture and foreign languages play a pivotal role in the way our society functions. Upon graduation, you’ll attain deep knowledge in how our world works because of your extensive studies of ancient civilizations, texts, and languages. This knowledge is the foundation to every industry as in order to move forward, you must understand the past. Majoring in Classical Studies provides the perfect opportunity to double major in another language or a different field altogether. Upon graduation, you will be highly sought-after due to your multiple degrees and extensive knowledge of various fields. Our alumni are working in fields such as:

  • Archaeology
  • Business
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Museum studies
  • Science

If you choose to pursue an advanced education, our professors will guide you in the right direction. Many of our students have completed medical school, law school, and master’s degrees after attaining their classical studies degree.