Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Build your language proficiency

Mercer University’s Foreign Languages and Literatures Department builds your proficiency in the five areas necessary for communication: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competence in Chinese, French, Greek, Latin, and Spanish. Our dedicated faculty will strengthen your understanding of the literature, history, customs, and culture of the peoples who used or are using those languages while challenging you to put your newfound knowledge to use. Our department is affiliated with study abroad programs across the globe, so you can practice your language of choice in its native setting. With the mastery of a second language, you will be a highly sought-after professional upon graduation.

Majors and minors

  • French (major and minor) — Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree while exploring the French language, culture, and society and how it is intertwined with American life. Our enlightening curriculum, class projects, film nights, and group projects make this exciting program both relatable and enjoyable.
  • Latin (major and minor) — Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree while uncovering the Latin language. As you dive into Latin text, you will explore ancient civilizations and how some of their tenets are reflected in present-day society. You will leave this program with the ability to think interpret and translate ancient texts and think critically.
  • Spanish (major and minor) — Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree while exploring Spanish cultures and their impact on our world. You’ll be challenged to think differently as you participate in new experiences such as study abroad or service-learning. This program will transform your personal and professional life as you develop into a more cultured citizen of the world.
  • Classical Studies (major) — Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree while diving deep into classical literature. Ancient culture will come to life, and you will discover how that society in intertwined with our world today. This program will enhance your personal development and help your reach your professional goals as you will gain a breadth of knowledge that can be used in a variety of fields.