Department of Political Science

Explore politics in an open environment

Our Political Science Department offers a number of majors, minors, and certificates to meet your specific career goals. Each of our courses create a welcoming, open environment for you to engage in discussion and diverse thought with your classmates. We keep our class sizes small to encourage strong relationships with our faculty, with class sizes ranging from 15-25 students. Our program provides a strong foundation for a successful career in politics, government administration, journalism, or law.

Majors and minors

  • Political Science (major and minor) — Our Political Science program challenges you to apply theories and philosophies to solve problems through politics. You will study with civically-engaged faculty and classmates to explore topics in government, international politics, and political theory.
  • International Affairs (major and minor) — This interdisciplinary major is taught in conjunction with other majors within the College of Liberal Arts. You will explore topics such as public health, arms control, cultural and global issues, diplomacy, politics, terrorism, and more.
  • Law and Public Policy (major and minor) — This major isn’t exclusively for pre-law students, but it prepares you for a number of careers in policy-related fields such as government, law, and public administration. The curriculum teaches you to apply ethics and legal policy to solve complex societal issues.
  • Religion and Public Diplomacy (minor) — Examine the influence of religion on international relations and how religion can be used as a constructive instrument for peace. This program focuses on inter-religious dialogue and the idea that learning about others’ beliefs, practices, promotes understanding and tolerance.


  • Political Communication — Our Certificate in Political Communication serves an excellent addition to your major, especially if you are interested in jumpstarting a career in politics and campaigns. The certificate gives you an edge to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs, adding qualifications and hands-on experiences other graduates don’t have.
  • Faith-Based Diplomacy — In this program, you will explore how religion and public life intersect and learn how religion can be used to build trust and cooperation among people. This certificate has a significant service requirement in which you are encouraged to be an interfaith leader in the Mercer community.