Program Requirements

About the Major

From field courses to cutting-edge research opportunities, learning goes well beyond the laboratory to apply and further the unifying principles of biology and learn about our world’s complex and dynamic living sphere. The Biology program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

The program is recognized as providing a quality liberal education that leads to outstanding opportunities in graduate school, industry, education, and the health professions. Students learn the principles of diverse sub-disciplines in biology, develop basic skills in critical thinking, communication, and computer use, and acquire the ability to explore questions by means of laboratory, field and library research. The links below provide additional information on Biology major and general education requirements.

About the Minor

The program also offers a minor in Biology. Students minoring in Biology must take at least 26 semester hours, 17 of which must be in Biology.

Secondary Teacher Certification Program

Teacher certification in Biology for grades 6-12 is available to Biology majors. Students planning to teach biology in secondary schools should notify their advisor and contact the secondary education advisor in Tift College of Education.

Outreach & Engaged Learning

Mercer Biology students have multiple opportunities to participate in scientific research and study abroad courses. Course credit is available for research projects in diverse areas ranging from molecular biology to ecology. During the summer many Biology majors have participated in rewarding summer research opportunities in the department or at internships at the Mercer School of Medicine, as well as other reputable institutions around the country. Students have opportunities to share and apply their studies in the community by volunteering with Upward Bound high school students, bringing science to elementary students at a Title I school and tree-planting in local neighborhoods. Engaged learning projects have worked directly with cancer. Mercer On Mission allows global application with previous missions to Belize and Trinidad which included projects such as studying leatherback turtles, enhancing science education in primary schools, or working hands-on to reduce Mercury exposure to gold miners in Mozambique, Africa.