Outside the Classroom

Student Opportunities

Graphic Design majors enjoy opportunities to work on special projects, learn from the pros with hands-on internships, and display their work in public gallery exhibitions.


Learn from the pros in a hands-on professional internship. Your professors can help you land internship opportunities designed to give you an up-close look at a career in graphic design while also gaining experience in the field. Internships are key to obtaining a job in graphic design after graduation, as it allows you to make connections with employers and other professional designers. You will gain insight into web design, business marketing, and the challenges facing designers in the workplace while developing your own skills in business, communication, and design.

Special projects

As a Graphic Design major at Mercer University, you will contribute to special design projects throughout the year. These projects include designing promotional materials for:

  • Non-profits
  • Campus groups
  • Other community organizations

If you join the Mercer Graphic Design club, you will design materials for a variety of special on-campus initiatives, focusing on social justice and promoting awareness for causes such as environmentalism, gender equality, and more.


Showcase your work with public exhibitions in one of our two art galleries.

McEachern Art Center

The McEachern Art Center is home to an art gallery and student studios. Opened in 2019, the historic location in downtown Macon features a completely renovated gallery space at street level with studios and classroom space on the second floor.

Frances Sewell Plunkett Gallery

The Plunkett Gallery is located on campus in Hardman Hall.