Program Requirements

About the major

Mercer University offers a modern, comprehensive program in Graphic Design within a vibrant liberal arts curriculum. Coursework and class-related activities encourage the investigation of contemporary directions in art, imaging, and visual communication in a wide range of media, including print, interactive, web-based, and motion graphics. Technology, theory, and methodology are addressed as appropriate to the discipline to prepare you to succeed in the continually evolving technological and theoretical environment.

A foundation in the visual arts and advanced coursework in aesthetics, art history, and theory strengthen the educational experience, while management and marketing courses offer valuable instruction in the business of graphic design. Through the combined experience of professional practices, internship, and senior project and exhibition, you’ll develop a cohesive portfolio for either admission to a graduate program or the pursuit of a career as a design professional.

As a Graphic Design major, you’ll take digital imaging and graphic design classes in a new, fully equipped Mac computer lab in Hardman Hall.

A Graphic Design major requires at least 60 semester credit hours. Students in the Graphic Design program also must do a major project, approved by Art Department faculty, consisting of a graduation exhibition during their senior year.

About the minor

A minor in Graphic Design requires a minimum of 18 semester credit hours.

Departmental honors

A Graphic Design major may earn departmental honors by:

  • Earning an overall grade point average of 3.50
  • Earning a 3.50 grade point average in all art courses
  • Completing with distinction a major project consisting of a graduation exhibition or a research paper during the senior year