Outside the Classroom


At Mercer University, our Media Studies major is designed to give you not only media theory and research skills, but practical skills to apply your knowledge to a tangible career. One of the best ways to put your knowledge and skills to work is through internship opportunities. Our experienced faculty can help you find an internship that lines up with your career goals and interests. Whether it’s television production, film, or another media interest, we can connect you with the right internship for your career goals.

During your internship, you’ll not only gain hands-on experience, but you’ll discover new passions in the media industry. This knowledge can help you make an informed decision about your next step after graduation — whether it’s graduate school or jumping right into the media industry. Many of these media studies internships lead to job opportunities as you form valuable relationships with media professionals who are connected to the growing media industry.

If you’re interested in internship opportunities, contact your media studies advisor for guidance to the best internship for your goals.

Expand Your Learning Opportunities

Mercer Film Society

Many of our Media Studies majors are members of the Mercer Film Society, an organization dedicated to preserving film as an art form. The Mercer Film Society hosts regular screenings, discussions, and special guest speaker events to bolster the interest in film theory and production. The society also attends film festivals across the state and volunteers at the Macon Film Festival.

Mercer On Mission

As a Media Studies major at Mercer, we encourage you to take learning outside the classroom walls, and even outside the country. Many of our Media Studies majors take advantage of Mercer on Mission opportunities to study in foreign countries. During these trips, studies gain hands-on video production experience as well as new perspectives on the world.

Postgraduate opportunities

Some Media Studies majors choose to advance their studies of media theory in graduate school. Our curriculum prepares you for the challenging coursework, research, and practical application of media theory required to succeed in high-level graduate programs. Contact your advisor if you’re interested in pursuing graduate school to advance your career. We can guide you through the application process and help you find programs that best fit your career goals.

But if graduate school isn’t in your plans, Mercer also prepares you for a successful career in the media and video production industries. Our comprehensive curriculum is grounded in critical media theory to sharpen your practical skills. Recent Media Studies major graduates now work in video production and the creative field in areas such as:

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Business
  • Digital humanities
  • Education
  • Government
  • Museum and curation
  • Nonprofit