Debate Team

Boost your communication skills and build confidence

When you have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom in the real-world, we believe that is the true test of knowledge. Not only are you experiencing first-hand how your academic journey is progressing, but you are able to see how your newfound knowledge is applicable to everyday life. That’s why we encourage our students to join our award-winning debate team. The Mercer University debate team is one of the best and most diverse teams in the entire country. But, we need motivated students just like you to be part of the team.

Your professors are your biggest fans — encouraging you to challenge yourself and sharpen your communication skills. We have watched students transform from only knowing the basic principles to mastering the art of debate by trusting their instincts and knowledge. Not only does this opportunity transform your learning experience, but it also allows friendships to form and flourish. Our debate team members have a strong connection to each other and are challenged to improve their skills.

We believe that being part of the Mercer debate team will better prepare you for life after college. In every area of life, you’ll be faced with situations that yield different opinions or ideas. Knowing how to navigate the waters of debate will allow you to respectfully and thoroughly explain your view, a skill that’s valuable for succeeding in nearly any career path you choose.

Lastly, whether you have years of debate experience or have never debated before, you can be part of the team. Talk to your communication professor today about joining the debate team.

Debate team members and their plaque